Palm Tree Sculpting Hobart

Palm Tree Sculpting

Professional Palm Tree Sculpting in Hobart

Retaining the appearance of your palm tree is paramount. In the appealing climate of Hobart, creating an pleasing outdoor area involves consistent and diligent maintenance. One of the best ways to ensure, that your tree remains a beautiful feature piece for your yard, is to undertake regular palm tree sculpting. Undertaken by one of the experienced professionals in our team, this process involves the shaping of the lower fronds and old leaf bases.

Why do I need palm Tree sculpting?

As time goes on, the heat in Hobart can cause the lower fronds to die and sag compared to the larger, higher fronds. As a palm grows, the old fronds will die and drop form the tree, while new vibrant fronds will continue to grow above. This can create a discrepancy between colours, and also the longer the deteriorating fronds remain, the more likely they will drop which can be hazardous to the area around your palm.

Similarly, if the old fronds have already detached from the tree, your palm may be left with an unappealing array of old leaf bases that don’t fall off and become a deep brown colour. These can be sculpted back to the normal diameter of the trunk, once again leaving only the healthy aspects of the tree.

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What is palm tree sculpting?

The process beings with one of our professionals climbing the palm tree with all of the necessary safety equipment. The experienced professional then uses a chainsaw to cut off the lower fronds safely. Once this is complete, they continue to shape the lower areas of the tree to ensure that only the healthy fronds remain.

The utmost care is taken during this process to ensure that the end-product is a beautiful, healthy and vibrant palm tree for you to enjoy all year round. Although this process can be undertaken semi-regularly, it depends on the location of your tree, and whether the older fronds are creating some form of hindrance. In tropical areas like Hobart, some species of palms can attract bats and other animals. It is also vital that these outdoor areas remain pristine, as it creates an aesthetic environment for entertaining, and not to mention the contribution a large health palm makes to the resale value of your home!

If you are noticing that the old leaf bases are deteriorating, or that fronds are dying, give us a call to talk more about the palm tree sculpting services we offer in Hobart. A team of experts will handle the entire process from start to finish.

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