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Palm Tree Pruning

Hire a Professional Palm Tree Pruning Service in Hobart

The reality of a palm tree’s larger beautiful fronds is that they can fall. In the scheme of things, a palm tree requires little maintenance, however, to ensure the safety of your home and family, correct and efficient pruning is essential.

Although this may sound like a simple task, there are numerous safety concerns that come with unpruned palm trees, so not only do you need to do it as soon as possible, you must hire a professional to do so for the safety of all those involved.

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As the new fronds continuously grow, the old fronds will begin to die. They will become brown and sag and eventually drop off. The falling damage this can lead too should be avoided at all costs, and the best way to do that is by pruning your palms.

There is also the aesthetic of the tree that needs to be considered. Dead or dying fronds will look average, and make your entire yard look like a bit of an eyesore.

Over Trimming

Another reason that a professional is suited for the pruning task is that there is such a thing as over trimming. A trained eye will be able to keep some form of order to the palm, so the tree doesn’t look out of proportion once this task is complete. Similarly, there are a number of health issues that can be encountered by over trimming. The water run off capabilities of the plant could be altered, which sometimes leads to constriction and plant-based disease.

A professional arborist will know exactly what fronds need to be pruned, as there a number of characteristics to take into account while completing this process. Green fronds are not commonly removed, however in some cases this might be necessary.

Our professionals will be able to complete this task safely, as they will be equipped with all of the necessary equipment. Whether it is harnesses, chainsaws or whatever else might be required, our team are incredibly experienced with all things palm tree pruning.

It is not only unsafe to undertake this process on your own, but it can be illegal. Our team has all of the correct accreditations and training that allow us to be as efficient and safe as possible.

If you think your palm tree might be in need of a haircut, give us a call to organise a consultation. One of our palm tree pruning professionals will be able to tell you exactly what you need.

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